ARHO Results:

A selection of ARHO Results of will be published firstly at this web-page and also disseminated through the different Dissemination Activities planned in the project.


R1: OPTEA/Innolite/FIPT Result:

Pro-Prototype HUD Lens Mould Production


R2: OPTEA / RISE result:

HUD Test methodology.
Combining digital and analogue (masks) for characterization, and other methods.

R3: OPTEA Individual result:

Indirect characterization of injection mould process by through-aperture imaging.


R4: FIPT Individual Result

Measurement of replicated optics.

Opto Patent fig 1

R5: OPTEA Individual Result

Full Optical and Mechanical Design & Specification (Patent Pending).

200_mlh_5002_600x400 1

R6: INNOLITE Individual Result

Machined Lens Prototypes.

Mech Patent fig 1

R7: OPTEA Individual Result

Generic Cab HUD mount (Patent Pending).

200_mlh_6121 (smaller)

R8: FIPT Individual Result

Replication Tool Design.
An injection moulding coining tool with hotrunner was developed at Fraunhofer IPT.
A precise replication process was installed on the Arburg injection molding machine 720A, which can even be run in cleanroom-setup.

R9: OPTEA Individual Result

Method for determining straylight impact.

R10: OPTEA Individual Result

Method for compensation for straylight.

R11: OPTEA Individual Result

Method for controlling straylight in Fresnel optics.


R12: RISE Individual Result

Block schema of RISE sensor data sources that are used for visualisation on HUD.


R12a: RISE Individual Result

Heat detection with IR camera with visualization on HUD with warning.


R12b: RISE Individual Result

Visualization on HUD of real-time soil sensors data installed in the field (“S1”) and GPS navigation with warnings for various obstacles.

R13: General Result

WP6 (Field Trial) Film, November 2020 – Uppsala (Sweden).

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