Market Innovation Description:

The ARHO Project, focuses in pushing the limits of the OHV AR HUD Technological development, especially in terms of large Field Of View (FOV) optics.
Furthermore, it ties up this development with AG content and usability feasibility in it’s WP6 (AG Field Trials)

Market Innovation – in a nutshell:

Reduction of HUD System Costs:

ARHO aims at standardising the HUD components, through a modular thinking of optical building blocks – also in terms of production (e.g. tools and inserts). Allowing e.g. reusability of HUD optical components, reducing the system design cost to the high-level function development.

Stimulating the emergence of commodities

Furthermore, ARHO aims at stimulating the emergence of commodities (e.g. content software, measurement methodology etc.) within ARHO in the form of common-off-the-shelf supplier-provided, but not supplier specific building block modules.

Ease of Integration:

Since HUD systems are focused to improve HMI, ease of integration is considered as a basic requirement in all ARHO developments. ARHO targets therefore light, thin, and smaller optical components than todays state of the art.

Reduction in Future development cycles:

ARHO enables pre-certification of the optical modules, reducing the timing for qualification of the overall system.


 In visualization functions. Image quality characteristics as brightness, FOV, Eyebox e.t.c. are in the centre of the development.


A modular approach is one of the main characteristics of the ARHO HUD platform.

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